Sunday, October 26

Friendly Advice

Nail polish from the Gap is shit. Don't ever buy it. I take a deep red off of my hands this morning and my fucking nails are left stained like they've been sitting in bowls of cherry Kool-Aid. It's not coming off. My hands are ruined. I am going to have to wear fresh nail polish every day for at least 8 months while this shit grows out. I don't even really wear nail polish that often. My fingernails have just started to look kind of nice, and so I treat them with a little bit of sassy red, and look at what happens. This is fucking ridiculous. 



Anonymous jennifer said...

And don't ever buy glitter polish by Barry M. I was scraping at my toenails for about two weeks before I finally got the last of that crud off for good. So much for wanting nails to glitter like Dorothy's red slippers.

9:10 PM  

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