Monday, September 1


Seriously. Republican Vice Presidential nominee Palin named her baby Trig. And she has a son named Track which seems positively reasonable by comparison. However, while you're laughing at Governor Palin's senior class schedule of baby names, don't forget that she doesn't believe any woman should have any option but to have that baby should she find herself pregnant! And McCain totally agrees!

So, while you're in the ballot box this November, laugh and laugh at little Trig's name and think: do you want (or want your partner) to carry mathematical rabebabies, incestbabies, drunkbabies, slutbabies and "oh shit this baby has no head" babies to term? Probably not!

Anti-choice is never cool, no matter how hilarious their names may be. Trig!



Blogger Ben said...

Special babies need the most love. I am a special baby and I need more Made of Trash.

1:59 PM  

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