Monday, September 1

David Duchovny in Sex Addict Rehab (And Other Things I Don't Care About)

First of all guys, Duchovny has been in two good things: "Red Shoe Diaries" and Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead. Secondly, I don't care about his acting, his face, and especially his personal life. Since I am bored to death of all this David Duchovny gossip going on right now, I thought I'd share a list of other recent news items I'm not interested in:
  • It's the final season of "The Shield"
  • Miley Cyrus in general
  • The Jonas Brothers in specific
  • The Disney Channel as a rule
  • Christina Aguilera's baby
  • Lindsay Lohan's father
  • Madonna and Guy Ritchie's marriage


Blogger space_man said...

Was he the one that said, "Dishes are done, man"? That seems right. That X-Files movie looked like your run of the mill Sci-Fi made-for-TV mid-day dirge. Plus he was on Twin Peaks AND Zoolander.

And he likes to get after it, apparently. Why can't these things be a private affair? Shouldn't it be his right for me not to know, and my right, also, for me to not know?

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember hearing that Duchovny and former Vancouver Canuck Pavel Bure got in a fist fight at a Vancouver bar in the mid 90's because they were tapping into the same talent pool. (source: Frank Magazine) Rumour is, the conflict is the REAL reason the X-Files left Vancouver, which was when the show really jumped the shark.

Sex addict or not, he's perfect for his current role. I really like that show. But maybe that's because I'm a juvenile, sex obsessed, would be writer and Hank Moody wannabee who wants to have a loving relationship and nail every woman I see at the same time.

I know. I know.

12:55 PM  

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