Tuesday, July 24

Christmas in July

My life has been falling together in excellent ways, and the weeks ahead are looking to only be better. Christmas really came early for me this year, and the three presents I've received over the past couple of days are:

1. Staying up until 3:00 this morning to finish the last Harry Potter book. Yay magic!

2. Being informed via anonymous comment Made of Trash's analysis of the Tammy Faye death made it to Slate.com. Yay internet!

3. Finding out minutes later Lindsay Lohan was arrested again for DUI. Yay trainwreck!

4. Learning my favorite people in the whole world, Katie Price & Peter Andre, named their new baby girl Princess TiĆ amii.

All is right in Trashley's world at the moment. It is, without question, the Summer of Dreamz.

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Anonymous jamiecarroll said...

Congrats, gal!

3:01 PM  

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