Monday, July 23

Hey Paula! Shut the Hell Up!

I'm often accused of being too sensitive, too quick to cry. Well, you know what? I've never (not even when I was a kid) lost my shit over something as inane as the "Bratz" movie, Paula.

The most hilarious things about this clip?
1. The fact that God was nowhere near the "Bratz" movie - he ain't stupid
2. The way Paula turns being fired from executive producing/choreographing/designing (sure Paula) a movie about ugly dolls into just another example of how people try to hold her rich, privileged ass down.
3. Yelling at her assistants because they are talking about something else in the next room, therefore undermining the tragedy of Paula and the Bratz.
4. Paula Abdul is in her 40s.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I get the feeling it ain't the first gig she's been fired from.

6:39 AM  
Blogger robot_hero said...

haha owned

12:00 AM  

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