Monday, July 16


So I'm reading an article about these poor (though not hot, I checked) Turkish musicians brought to court for a song about raw youth and rebellion when I run across this paragraph:

Gathered in a cramped Istanbul recording studio, the Deli musicians don't look like stereotypical punks — no spiked hair, lip studs or drugs. They're in their early 20s, polite, mild-mannered and irreverent. And all passed the university exam. Vocalist Cengiz Sari is studying to become an art teacher. Base guitarist Enis Coban studied textile manufacturing.

I can ignore the musician stereotypes (only losers have lip studs, FYI) because the writer is probably a 45-year-old man who hates his gay son, but seriously, it's spelled bass guitar. Say what you will about the evils of state-run media, at least they fucking spell-check.

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