Sunday, July 22

Um, Why?

Awards shows are stupid and half the fun is in hating the nominations, so here we go: "Dick in a Box" is nominated for an Emmy, but "Lost" isn't? I mean, "Dick in a Box" was no "Lazy Sunday," and did you miss the last sixteen episodes of Season 3? I blame Bai Ling. And how exactly is Jenna Fischer a "supporting" actress? Isn't the show about Pam and Jim? Ah, I also see Tom Selleck and Matthew Perry are in the same category as Jim (fucking) Broadbent, William H. (fucking) Macy and Robert (fucking) Duvall. Just think about that one for a second. Whatever, Emmys. My only hope is if Hugh Laurie somehow manages to win everything. I like to believe he did some excellent directing, writing, set design, and special effects work last year.



Blogger Michael said...

The actors decide which acting category they want to submit their entry for...well, they or their agents.

It's why Jon Cryer, who is clearly one of the starts of Two and a Half Men is in the supporting actor category.

And I'd love to see Laurie get the award, since he is the whole show. Without him, House would have been gone after a season....

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