Wednesday, July 26

"John Tucker Must Die" Must Die

I don't the the movie has even come out yet, and I'm already sick to death of the commercial. I remember when I saw the trailer and thought, "gee, that looks like shit! Stupid kids and their shitty movies!" Little did I know I would be forced to see the commercial for the film (which is almost identical to the trailer) about 343 times a day on EVERY CHANNEL of television. MTV, CBS, Food Network, Travel Channel, it doesn't matter. It's everywhere. I can't stand the dialogue I've heard over and over and over again, clearly those are going to be the only "jokes" in the movie.

"John loves girls on top...of the pyramid, hello!"

Shut up. Just shut up.


Anonymous rob said...

That John Tucker fellow might be the worst actor I've ever seen. And I saw Vol State Community College's production of Macbeth.

6:05 AM  
Anonymous jennifer said...

I hate that bitch with the dimples from the poor man's OC, One Tree Hill.

9:27 AM  

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