Monday, July 24


I don't even watch "The Tonight Show" to begin with, and I loathe Jay Leno with a passion most other crazy people reserve for snake handling and firewalking. There are plenty of reasons not to ever tune in - but if you'd like a new one, two of his guests tonight (I refuse to give their names) are "arctic explorers." Sure.

Probably the only group of people I hate more than Jay Leno and hippies combined are "arctic explorers" or "professional adventures" or whatever they're calling it this week. Why not just say "bored rich people with delusions of grandeur?" It's not like you're going to discover any new fucking paths to the summit of Everest - everything on land has already been explored, either by REAL SCIENTISTS or people 100 years ago who did the same shit you want to, only without walkie-talkies.

I could care less about hot air balloon exploits or yacht races around the world. Why don't you spend some of your superfluous time and money to do something worthwhile, something that will actually contribute to society. Your goddamn name will STILL be in the papers if you decide to build a school in Afghanistan, friends. You might also feel good about yourselves when you go to sleep at night. I'll probably still hate you, of course, but at least I'll hate you out of jealousy rather than just thinking you're a dumbass.


Anonymous Rob said...

I've always been surprised at the seemingly small amount of people that hate Jay Leno. It is so obvious how bad he sucks.

9:52 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

I'm still mad that he got picked over Letterman to take Johhnny's place. "Headlines!" woo, hey America send me jokes so I don't have to do anything.

anyway...I said all that to say I saw some thing on dateline or whatever about some mountain climber who was doing an expedition with a buncha blind people, and I was like, "should I not feel annoyed by this?"

9:33 AM  

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