Wednesday, November 29

Slow News Day

I hate it when the Trash that's going on in the world is just a re-hash of the past couple of days. Someone new needs to break up or get arrested or get knocked up or start a fistfight or write a book or go to Africa or vomit on stage or get new breasts or get outed or something.

To segue into nothing, here's the video for Katie Price (Jordan) and Peter Andre, two of Britain's most hilarious tabloid staples, performing "A Whole New World." Yeah, the song from Aladdin. Those two can out-Trash Lindsay, Paris, and Britney combined.

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Anonymous sharon said...

I love it. I love the shower scenes. I love the processed voices. I love the story. I love the lying down shots. I love the fact that Yoko Ono is her personal assistant. I love everything.

7:52 AM  

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