Wednesday, November 29

Because I'm Probably Not Friends With You...

Two of Nashville's hottest acts, Haunted Head and The Northridge Rangers, have recently released songs on MySpace. Which one is better? Let me tell you:

Haunted Head's new jam "Me and Lee" is a light acoustic number about relationships and moving to Tennessee. It's kind of like The Silver Jews, but recorded on a Mac. The lyrics of the song will likely resonate with many listeners who have struggled to find their own cheap houses with central heat (and air), plus the shout out to D&D adds the ever-vital "kitsch" factor any song about boyfriends requires. The friendly banter between group members lets one in on the songwriting process, and you're left with the impression that the band members genuinely like one another - a rare accomplishment for many superstar acts today.

"Lost Boys," the new song by The Northridge Rangers, also has lyrics. To my knowledge, it's the first Rangers song to feature vocals of any kind, so there you go. A much more "rockin'" number than "Me and Lee," this song has DRUMS and (glitter) GUITAR and probably BASS in addition to the much-rumored "fade-out." It's kind of like mid-'60s surf rock, but recorded on a Mac. The song begs to be put on repeat, and it's hard not to unplug your headphones and get up and DANCE when you listen to it! It's difficult for me to grasp the exact meaning of the lyrics, but I'm fairly certain it may have something to do with vampires.

But which song is better? Well, Haunted Head writes about things I understand, but The Northridge Rangers have a fade-out. It's a close race, but the winner is going to have to be...THE NORTHRIDGE RANGERS! Acoustic numbers are nice and all, but something about mad solos and rhythm sections really turns me on! May I suggest a battle of the bands? I think that's the only way to settle this quandary once and for all!



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