Monday, October 9

Trashley's Boyfriend Discusses Tennessee Politics

Which kind of makes no sense, because he's English. Whatever. They like to pretend they are known for their sense of humor (or, "humour") instead of The Beatles and the sad remains of their shattered empire. Here's what he has to say about some of those who Stand with Harold.

Dara Howe, Mother, Oak Hill - I stand with Harold Ford because I think he has sensible ideas and a fresh, vigorous approach that will lead us to a better future for ALL Tennesseans.

Exploitation? What do you mean???

Susan Acito, Homemaker, Kingsport - I stand with Harold because he will give us a change of direction from the incumbents who have ignored their constituents in Tennessee. He will work to bring back to Tennessee the tax money that has been taken from our paychecks, instead of watching it go to every other state.

WHOA, what the hell is that? And what on Earth is a homemaker, does she make homes? Or does she mean UNEMPLOYED CRAP MUSICIAN? Susan Acito's greatest hits: 'All my goddamn money went to those bastards from Kentucky'. 'Leaving on that subsidised train franchise to Georgia'. And 'Mississippi, what the Hell do they need the money for?

Nathaniel Miles, Business Owner, Republican Activist, Nashville - I'm fed up when I fill up! I am Nathaniel Miles and I support Harold Ford, Jr.'s message.

Bit of rubbish Republican isn't he? Still you can tell he's diehard when 2 cents on the gallon sends him scurrying to the other side. Christ, he should live over here.

Ray E. Robbins, Elvis Impersonator, Knoxville - I stand with Harold because he supports the idea of being energy independent.

I like the way they have to tell us what his job is.

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Anonymous jennifer said...

A kind of guest writer. I approve.

Oh, and that toe-tappin' hit from Ms. Susan Acito is "Leaving on that subsidiZed train franchise to Georgia," J.

2:39 PM  
Blogger Trashley said...

Yeah, I had to actually kind of work between classes today. I'll be back in full swing Tuesday.

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Jon said...

No it isn't Jen.

2:34 AM  

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