Sunday, August 27


I wouldn't go so far to say I'm a Keith Richards fan - he's basically the Pete Doherty of his day. However, I feel sometimes the man is a scapegoat for the most ridiculous things - why, read the article I found this morning on Unsurprisingly, I'm not too keen on smoking bans to begin with, but I'm not sure what makes me more angry - the fact that the complaint comes from the idea that he was smoking at a performance - his own, or it was journalists that tattle-taled to the Glasgow City Council. Having received a C in a media law class, I can say with no authority (but a real good hunch) it seems like that would violate some kind of journalistic ethic or something.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. You know, I know, the journalists know, the city council knows, the audience knows this story is a total non-story. Let the baby have his bottle. Be happy he wasn't giving coke to kids in rehab, okay? Christ.


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