Thursday, August 24

Jeffrey Sucks

Oh, "Project Runway." I don't know what to feel about this episode. While I love watching designers freak out, I did not sign up hours of my life to be treated to "Project Lane Bryant." Clever, though, making the fat people their mothers and sisters so they couldn't bitch about it. Very manipulative.

However, I love this show because of the crazy-ass challenges. Purple wedding dresses, inspiration from some dirty rocks, stuff like that. It's what makes your show great. No one gives a fuck about the everyday woman because they're boring to dress. If anyone really did care, would it be a surprise the best two designs were for, let's say, the two non-fatties? Shocker shocker.

But Jeffrey - let's cut it out now, shall we? There's no reason to be that big of a prick. I know you hate her daughter and all (who is, on occasion, crazy), but Angela's mom didn't do anything dubious at all, and you freak out for no reason. When you start to make Vincent sound like a reasonable person, there are serious issues that need to be addressed. Also, you should have been eliminated. While Robert's was basically not a design at all, yours was a smock over a dickie. I mean, seriously. What is that?


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