Friday, July 14

Um, So

I don't know what's happening on NBC right now, but it appears to be some sort of "Dateline" about couples therapy...but not any kind of therapy, the special kind that helps sexless couples become more intimate. It's pathetic, hilarious, and disgusting.

This one guy was talking about the first time he was naked in front of his wife (two days ago) and he cried. Cried! The issues of others amuse me.

The other couple is worse, though. The wife gives the husband "mercy sex" every six weeks or so. She's not at all hot. I would totally go elsewhere if I were him.

Why would anyone go on televison and discuss this?

It's been a slow Trash Day.

Edit: Naked crier wanted a divorce becasue he was afraid of the sexual power his wife now has. She needs to hook up with pity sex man. I have just solved everyone's problems.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw this one. It was a complete train-wreck and I was riveted.

If I were the wife, I would have left that sniveling loser a while back.

Confidence is VERY sexy.

10:20 PM  

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