Thursday, July 27

More Like Project Run-GAY

I'm a dog person. They're personable. They're cute. They're a million times better than cats or birds or fish or any other pet. That said, I thought this week's "Project Runway" challenge was dumb. Dumby-dumb-dumb. I've put myself in the Keith Michael camp before today, but I totally agree with him about dressing up stupid little lapdogs in frills and jackets. First of all, lapdogs are barely dogs, and people who dress up their pets irritate me to no end. The powers that be at PR somehow managed to outgay themselves a week after a challenge for a pageant gown. Crazy.

The winner (Uli) was fair. The boot (Katherine) was also fair, but I can't help but be sickened by Angela's continued hippie fumes emanating from my television. Get rid of that thing.

Assorted Notes:
Michael Knight may take it all the way if he keeps up the awesome. I miss Michael Kors! Drew Barrymore is a ventriloquist, and Alison is her dummy. I'm genuinely scared about next week's dismissal - does this mean two people will gone in one challenge cycle? I worry for Keith.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somebody here said that Michael Knight was gunna win. Perhaps she knows something we don't???

9:31 PM  
Anonymous alexis said...

basket hat is driving me nuts. i want him out of my (tv) life permanently.

2:18 PM  

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