Monday, June 25

O Noes!

Advertising has worked wonders on me, because I am now 100% positive these two men, whose names I don't even know, are starring in the best television show I'm never going to watch. Why? I think they might be funny, and I know they're kind of hot. Even though I'm getting some dirty hipster VD vibes, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't care. That's how they do it in the NZ.

Thanks, HBO. Thanks, "Flight of the Conchords." Keep on doing whatever it is you do, I guess.



Blogger Gambit said...

I've seen these guys. I downloaded some stand-up comedy. One guy's called the Rhinocerous and don't know about the other. They did a rap music stand-up comedy act. I thought they were awesome.

8:21 AM  

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