Wednesday, June 20

Paul McCartney

I don't know what to do with you. My feelings about your recent record promotions are, at best, conflicted. Let's start off with your new album title, Memory Almost Full. Um, the hell? Just because it's the 21st century doesn't mean you have to make everything seem all cool and computer-y and tech-forward, which I'm almost certain was your goal. Just because it sounds like something teh yoof would buy, it doesn't necessarily follow that they will. Moving on, my second issue is with this photo. It's for promoting the record at Starbucks, which I don't have a problem with - what I hate is the pose. Seriously. It's probably the douchiest thing you could have done, and that makes me mad. Let go of your jacket, unpucker your lips, and just smile. It's not that difficult.

And here's where the conflict comes in - I can't decide if this iPod/iTunes commerical is the cutest, most affable thing you've done since I was born, or if it's just on the other side of "High as Fuck." A mandolin? No.

Look, I'm not one of those people who's going to give you a free pass forever because you were cool when you were in your early twenties. Most people are cool when they're young. Even though I really, really want to like you, you're pretty inconsistent when it comes to music, the press, and self-promotion. My advice to you is this: stop trying so fucking hard.



Blogger Juan Horsetown said...

He looks like Rod Stewart in the card photo.

6:15 AM  
Anonymous sharon said...

Yes, but, would you do him? I would.

7:26 AM  
Anonymous jennifer said...

Blimey Sharon! I don't know. I saw that commercial for the first time last night. I think I liked the graphics the best. He only looked like a mop top young'un cos he was in black and white.

8:59 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

I also saw that commercial last night and it bugged me. But what bugged me most were the converse.

9:23 AM  
Blogger Brett said...

You know Mackenzie Crook is in the video for That Mandolin Song, right?

1:25 PM  
Anonymous TheBrassAss said...

I dunno. I think the guy who wrote "Yesterday" gets to pretty much do whatever the hell he wants, when he wants to.

3:50 PM  
Blogger alexis said...

im really confused about the new song... it sucks.

4:12 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

i like it because the song has no rapper, no young talent, and a mandolin for god sakes- it should be dorky. it seems like they're just doin' the old man a favor but in the end he wins it over. look at his fucking cute little beatles face! he just divorced the wierdest one legged prostitute ever, he's wearing tennis shoes, and from the looks of it, still totally gets the concept of cool-- yet I have a feeling he's totally just being his lovable across the pond self [which could totally be forced so it's pretty damn good]. and his name is Paul McCartney, which is just a cool name.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Paul McCartney said...

Oh God...his new album's actually not bad at all. I love the guy from when he was in TEH BEATELS, but never thought he would make anything good again, but he has!

4:10 PM  
Anonymous rob said...

it looks like he's going to the ray davies school of losing touch. go on a bender and get back to us, dude. and please stop wearing those cons. seriously, are you trying to bone 19 year-olds who obsess over the beatles? honestly, man. honestly.

1:35 PM  

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