Monday, October 2


"The Bachelor: Rome" premires tonight at 9/8 central on ABC!

Read about the handsome bachelor! I've highlighted the hilariously relevant parts!

Prince Lorenzo Borghese, a handsome 34-year-old cosmetics entrepreneur, is an American citizen who has resided in Manhattan since 1997. He was born in Milan, lived in Rome and outside Paris, and moved to Connecticut when he was five years old. Proud of his genealogy, his storied paternal ancestors include Pope Paul V (Camillo Borghese) and Cardinal Scipione Borghese, both of whom had an enormous influence on Italian art and beautifying Rome in the 1600s, and who helped finish St. Peter's Basilica.

The Borghese family name and crest can be found on the fa├žade of the famous basilica.His parents, Prince Francesco and Princess Amanda Borghese, who met at a wedding in Madrid, will celebrate their 40th anniversary in July, and Lorenzo is hoping to find that type of long-lasting, happily-ever-after relationship. He is looking for a woman whose vibrant personality meshes with his own, a best friend with whom he shares that special chemistry which can evolve into a marriage and family. Lorenzo has two siblings himself, an older brother, Scipione, and an older sister, Ilaria, both of whom are married.

This is all from the ABC website! Doesn't he sound super dreamy? I wish I could meet and marry a "handsome" "Italian" "prince" who will give me free cosmetics!

Go ahead and forget to watch it, since "House of Carters" is on at the same time. In your heart of hearts, you know which one is going to be more entertaining.

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Anonymous carligula said...

Thanks, but I'll be watching Eureka.

9:00 AM  

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