Thursday, September 28


I want to say something really funny and profound about last night's "America's Next Top Model," but I don't know if I can. Why? I get really confused as to which bitch is which. I refuse to learn any of their names until they cut the finalists down to at least 7.

Anyway, last night was the always fabulous "haircutting!" episode, and of course there were tears shed, mostly from Jay Manuel. Then there was something about Queen Latifah selling Cover Girl prodcuts (full disclosure: I love the Professional All-in-One mascara) during a lame-ass elevator challenge, which made me kind of sad 'cause I have not had any naked elevator time in my life. I should work on checking that one off the list.

Then there was phone drama between Sassy Black Woman and Everyone Else. Bitches tore it up like it was an episode of "Flavor of Love," for reals. I thought they were gonna throw punches.

After that there was a stupid challenge, and the eliminated girl was Kyle the lesbian from like 3 cycles ago. So basically nothing happened.

Does anyone else find Nigel Barker totally boneable? I sure do.

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Anonymous jennifer said...

What is Flavor of Love?

I'm glad that round faced pudding head is out. BLAND.

Nigel Barker - yes.

I liked that girl with the short black hair until she all up and cried during the first week's elimination. Crying due to lack of confidence is not sexy.

2:40 PM  
Blogger Trashley said...

"Flavor of Love" is the VH1 reality show about Flavor Flav trying to find love among a bevy of bitches who live in his mansion and compete for his affection. It is AWESOME.

2:42 PM  
Anonymous alexis said...

totally bonable.

5:38 PM  

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