Wednesday, September 27

Please Be Untrue

Usually when I hear a strange or disgusting rumor, I want it to be true. Actually, I not only want it to be true, but I want to find out as much about it as I can. Purchase the tape, if need be. This, however, is something that needs to be false.

Rumor is there's a Screech "Dustin Diamond" Powers sex tape floating around out there. A sex tape with two ladies. A sex tape featuring the dirty Sanchez.

Um, seriously? That's what makes me think it's false. No one actually does that, do they?

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Blogger Michael said...

Please dear heavens say this rumor is false...please, please, please...

It's not that I'm a prude..but the thought that Screch is having sex and I'm not really depresses me.

11:46 AM  
Anonymous jennifer said...

" Dustin has been trying to escape the Screech typecast. So this may help me get more bookings," says Paul, who says he hasn't seen the tape.

Jesus f'n christ. Filming low-grade porn that includes shitting on people and using it as body paint? What kinda work is that gonna get you? I knew he was desperate, but I'm lost for words.

I wonder if he still lives in the Milwaukee-area (which he moved to for some reason when he went BROKE). My hometown won't put up with this filth.

2:33 PM  

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