Monday, September 4


Steve Irwin, Croc Hunter, was killed by a stingray in Australia. It's kind of sad because he has a wife and child(ren?), but isn't it also kind of funnily ironic that he was NOT killed by a crocodile?

Did you ever see Grizzly Man? Look, I'm not saying Irwin was a pussy per se, I'm just saying the Grizzly Man was able to be eaten by the animals he loved, which is pretty hardcore. Poor Steve just got into a Roy Horn-esqe accident that ended in his death.

Once again, pity about his wife and children, but if that's how you live your life - wrestling giant wild animals with big teeth, stingers, poision, whatever - you have to be prepared to go. But I bet that hurt, seriously. A barb through the chest? In saltwater? Way to take one for the team, man.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How's Roy doing, btw?

6:28 AM  
Anonymous sharon said...

Hey Trashley, The Sun used your headline. Sue 'em.

6:33 AM  

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