Monday, August 13

One More

I will be 'spinning' a thirty-minute set on this very night when I 'DJ' with my 'computer.' At the Summer of Dreamz party, I kept it cheesy and Trashy as hell, but you know what? There are going to be actual hipsters here, so who knows what kind of delicious pop savagery I'll drunkenly inflict upon the masses this time around?

Also, as has been mentioned before, I will be leaving the Middle Tennessee area pretty much right after this event. I've got a visa and I'm going to use it - in London, to be more specific: and to be even more specific, I'm going to use it for the six months I legally can. This clambake is turning into a vague going-away-party of sorts, so if you're my friend or if you're really good-looking, do come down and say bye to me. I just might remember it.

Thirdly, I've been asked by a couple of people if I'm going to continue to verbally vomit on the blogwebs while I'm in the UK. The answer is yes, but there are conditions: at the moment, I have no idea where I'm going to be living, so I'm not sure what my internet access is going to be like. Also, I will have like, a real job (as opposed to candyass classes), so that may also be an impediment. I really don't know yet. But there will be posting, and there will almost surely be posting about Katie Price.

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