Tuesday, October 3

You Know You Wanna Know

Though the real-life Trashley is interested in politics, she tries to keep it off the blog, you know? Politicians have got to bring it if they want the same respect I give Kevin Federline or Taylor Hicks. Well, guess what? Florida Republican Mark Foley has brung it better than a Trashophile like me could have expected! It's got everything: harassment of a minor through technology, sexy(?) 16-year-old boys, and now rehab!

What were the really dirty things Mark Foley IM'ed to his lithe page? Well, you can find a nice tidbit here, if you're interested.


Do you think it would be more or less of a scandal! if the page were a young woman instead of a young man?

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Anonymous jennifer said...

Ugh. I feel a bit sick now after reading that transcript. If everyone just talked about sex and it wasn't so "shhh! shhh! dirty!", and people shagged whomever they wanted to (obviously not minors, animals, or people who don't want to be fucked) and didn't get married when they're, like, 20, vowing to shag one person till they die, I swear shit like this wouldn't happen. Like my sister said, they should encourage masturbation in sex/health ed classes in school. At least someone will always be able to bring you pleasure.


Oh, and definitely LESS scandal if this high schooler were a girl. Of course. Oh god. :o(

2:45 PM  

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