Wednesday, August 9

Two Hepburns

Just when I think "Project Runway" can't outgay itself, they up the freakin' ante and haul out the absolute best challenge the show has ever had - revamp a fashion icon. Fashion icons like Cher, Jackie O., Audrey Hepburn, and Diana Ross. Gay & awesome.

Though I was still stinging a bit the lack of Keith, I was very happy to see Michael really bust out in this episode. Though he's the opposite of Keith (nice to others, modest, loves his moms), he's still all kinds of awesome I and totally want him to win now.

I didn't really have much of an opinion on Bradley. I thought his nonsensical interview ramblings were more annoying than cute...he's like that one bearded guy at the coffeeshop at 3 in the morning who stares at you while he pretends to read Proust. I'm kind of sad to see him go, know why, specifically? Because Jeffrey's dress was one hot mess.

How on earth is this a reworking of Madonna? Why was he not even in the bottom three? I really, really don't understand. His dress looks like he stapled dead babies all over the model's sad little body. She's wearing a fashion abortion.

By the way, I got the image of Michael from fourfour. It's probably my favorite blog, and the recaps of "PR" are worth waiting for. If you don't read it, you should.


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