Tuesday, August 15

Oh, To Be A Royal

It's not Harry's grope I love so much, it's William in the background, eyes half-closed, probably slurring out some ass-grab Eton story to a woman far, far prettier than the one Harry's got ahold of. But it's not just the brothers who are rowdy, their uncle (4th in line) has decided to make a fool of himself, too! Page Six says:

Prince Andrew seems to be taking his cue from Monaco's rowdy Prince Albert these days. Channeling the "Randy Andy" days of his youth, the British royal was spotted in Sardinia Saturday night "literally swinging from the rafters in the VIP area of the club Billionaire next to Zac Posen and Anna Anisimova," our witness e-mails. Andrew "seemed to really hit it off with one blond girl in particular," says our spy. Some there caught Andrew's antics on cellphone cameras, so we might soon see the rafter revelry for ourselves.

Good times.

Edit: I'm now learning this picture is 3 years old. It's still funny.


Anonymous kingsley said...

I think groping girls with shit roots, stretchy skin and possibly fake boobs is an excellent use of the power of royalty. Shows they're down with the common bloke.

12:14 PM  
Anonymous jennifer said...

I can't believe that picture is 3 years old. Wouldn't Harry have been like 16 years old then?

Whatever, it's a classic shot.

2:30 PM  
Anonymous Rob said...

nice boobs.

8:57 AM  

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